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Alexandra Bryksa Master Watercolour Set 24

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Limited edition Alexandra Bryksa Art watercolour professional pallet of 24 x10 ml colours in tubes in luxury wooden box.

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Brand Rosa-Alexandra Bryksa Art
Category Watercolour Paints
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This set consists of the professional palette of ROSA Gallery Watercolours and is recommended by Master of Watercolour ALEXANDRA BRYKSA: "All selected colours are of outstanding quality. The transparency and saturation of the pigments used allow the artist to create beautiful masterpieces in this technique. The testimony of this can be seen on the front cover of this box". 

ROSA Gallery watercolours is well diluted and mixed with water, easily applied on the brush, both directly squeezed out of the tube and those that are dried on the palette. A wooden case will be useful for keeping paints and artistic accessories.

  • Selected palette by professional artist Alexandra Bryksa allows to achieve amazing results.
  • Organic gum arabic provides perfect adhesion and even colour flow.
  • High-quality organic and inorganic pigments guarantee purity and transparency of each colours
  • High pigment concentration supplies the artists with a wide range of colours from airy transparent to full opaque.


  • This pallet includes:

- Cadmium Yellow Light
- Cadmium Yellow Medium
- Cadmium Orange
- Cadmium Red Light
- Bright Red
- Madder Rose
- Madder Red
- Carmine
- Magenta Rose
- Olive Green
- Turquoise
- Ultramarine
- Blue
- Bright Blue
- Blue Indanthrene
- Indigo
- Yellow Ohre
- Quinacridone Gold
- Raw Sienna
- Burnt Sienna
- Umber
- Sepia
- Neutral Black

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