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"The Dance of Two Lovers" Luxury Scarf Alexandra Bryksa design

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Beautiful silk fine art scarf designed by contemporary artist Alexandra Bryksa

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This luxurious fabric Georgette (from crêpe Georgette), named after the early 20th century French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante originally made from silk, although synthetic fibers are sometimes used as well. It is a woven fabric created from highly twisted yarns creating a pebbly texture. It is semi-sheer and has a beautiful fluid drape.The crepe-like texture of georgette fabric makes it very springy, so that the fabric almost appears to move on its own. The weave of georgette tends to be rather tight, but the overall appearance is slightly sheer, since the threads are very thin. Unlike some fine silks, georgette fabric is also unusually strong, and it holds up well to varied wear.