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Alexandra Bryksa Catalogue "Infinity" 2019

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Catalogue Infinity by Alexandra Bryksa features selected watercolour paintings from 2017-2019. 

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96-page paperback catalogue Infinity contains  the biography of the artist and her 76 selected watercolour paintings created between 2017-2019. It is thematically divided into 5 sections: Infinity, Cityscape, Landscape, Portraits and Flowers. In the paintings of the category Infinity the artist has used her latest artistic approach where she uses more saturated watercolour pigments and allows the water and colours to spontaneously spread over the surface of the paper without touching the brush at the beginning of the creative process. These artworks have a profound philosophical meaning and historical context. In the Cityscapes and Landscapes the reader can admire the places which the artist has visited and tried to create her vision in her artworks. In the section Portraits  the artist has depicted master portraits, among them being the portrait Spring Poem which has won The Best Portrait Award in Netherlands. The section Flowers contains beautiful and extraordinary artistic flowers.